Bikes for Tykes mission is to ensure every child in Collier County has a bicycle.



There are several reasons why this is incredibly important:

  1. Empowerment of children 

  2. Fight against childhood obesity 

  3. Help our environment

1. Empowerment

No one forgets the joy of receiving their first bicycle.  A bicycle empowers a child, giving them their first taste of true independence, self-reliance, self-esteem, and helping build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Aerobic exercise [like bicycling] can improve self-esteem.

Fox and Corbin, 1999
Green Exercise: Complementary roles of nature, exercise and diet in physical and emotional well-being and implications for public health policy, CES Occasional Paper 2003-1, University of Essex

Millions of children never experience these joys and freedoms – their lives are not favored by fortune or circumstance and a bicycle is luxury their family cannot afford.

2. Fight Childhood Obesity​

From Safe Routes to School Research and Statistics

Bicycling can help you live longer!

  • Bicycling for transportation can reduce mortality by 35 to 40%. Matthews et al.Andersen et al.

  • A study of 2,400 adults found that those who biked to work were fitter, leaner, less likely to be obese, and had better triglyceride, blood pressure, and insulin levels than those who didn’t bike commute to work. Gordon-Larsen et al.

3. Environmental

Bicycling is healthy for the environment!

Bikes for Tykes is a ‘green’ initiative – refurbishing gently-used pre-loved bicycles to create a renewable resource from the millions of bicycles that are unused, abandoned, or discarded in overburdened landfills.

There are hundreds of thousands of bicycles that are sent to the landfill each year, many of them almost new. These will stay in our landfill forever.

Bikes for Tykes takes bicycles that would go into the landfill and refurbishes them, which costs 25% of a new bikes (so we can give more!) and also keeps bicycles out of our landfills.

Invitation to Corporate America

Bikes for Tykes extends an invitation and challenge to Corporate Collier County to allow us access to damaged and returned bicycle products that can be repaired by our volunteer staffs rather than sent to our over-burdened landfills.

Help us bring health, happiness, and success to every child in need one bicycle at a time.  Get Involved!